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Date of Last Update: 12 June 2018


The inform­a­tion we hold as part of the Future Peter­bor­ough pro­ject is held on the basis so that we can provide a con­trac­tu­al ser­vice with busi­nesses and organ­isa­tions look­ing for inform­a­tion about the pro­jects based in Peter­bor­ough that revolve around the cir­cu­lar eco­nomy, smart cit­ies and the digit­al eco­nomy.

What Information we hold about you?

We hold a min­im­al amount of per­son­al inform­a­tion about an indi­vidu­al, this could include:

Basic con­tact details, name, email address, the com­pany that you work for.

Whil­st we do not ask for it, we may hold cer­tain per­son­al details that you would have provided to us as part of busi­ness cor­res­pond­ence. As an example, per­son­al mobile num­ber or email address.

What do we do with your information?

The per­son­al inform­a­tion that we hold relates solely to a con­tact point for dis­cus­sion. Your inform­a­tion is not used for any oth­er pur­pose.

We only use your per­son­al inform­a­tion as a point of con­tact for a busi­ness or organ­isa­tion that has a interest in the pro­jects run under the Future Peter­bor­ough pro­gram­me.

All inform­a­tion that we receive is treated as con­fid­en­tial and all digit­ally and paper-based inform­a­tion is securely kept.

What Information do we need?

We need an individual’s con­tact data for a busi­ness or organ­isa­tion to be able to provide inform­a­tion and answers to quer­ies relat­ing to Future Peter­bor­ough.

Who do we share your information with?

We cur­rently share your per­son­al inform­a­tion with the fol­low­ing organ­isa­tions:

Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil. The Future Peter­bor­ough web­site in a joint ven­ture with PCC and as a res­ult we are required to share data we gather from con­tacts and dis­cus­sions which could include basic indi­vidu­al data.

Google. We use Google to host our email sys­tems. As with all our tech­no­logy part­ners, they tech­nic­ally have access to the data that is stored on their servers, how­ever they have strict secur­ity meas­ures in place to pre­vent any data breaches both intern­ally and extern­ally.

None of your per­son­al inform­a­tion is sold or passed onto oth­er parties without your express per­mis­sion.

All organ­isa­tions that we select as sup­pli­ers to provide busi­ness func­tions are checked for com­pli­ance with GDPR and how they look after and safe­guard any data that is held on you.

Your Individual Rights

We take your pri­vacy and the secur­ity of inform­a­tion that we hold about you very ser­i­ously. This poli­cy out­lines what we do with your inform­a­tion and why we require it. We will noti­fy you if this poli­cy changes.

You have the right to know what data and inform­a­tion we hold on you. If you would like to see this you can make a request by email or verbally and we will provide a respon­se with­in one cal­en­dar month.

If any of the inform­a­tion we hold about you incor­rect, please let us know and we will rec­ti­fy this as soon as pos­sible.

If you feel that we hold any inform­a­tion about you that we shouldn’t have, or if we are using your inform­a­tion in a way that you do not agree with or using it for some­thing you don’t agree with, please let us know, and we will provide a respon­se with­in one cal­en­dar month.

If you require, we can provide inform­a­tion and data held on you in a struc­tured, com­monly used and machine-read­able form­at.

We do not use any of your per­son­al inform­a­tion for auto­mated decision-mak­ing.

Contact Details

If you have any query relat­ing to this poli­cy, please do not hes­it­ate to con­tact us via the fol­low­ing meth­ods:


Post: Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough, Allia Future Busi­ness Centre, Lon­don Road, Peter­bor­ough, PE2 8AN

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