We want to cre­ate a smart city where people live longer, health­i­er and more pros­per­ous lives, with bet­ter skills, in a safe and sus­tain­able envir­on­ment. We believe we can achieve this through ideas, empower­ment, great lead­er­ship and mak­ing the most of the resources we have.

Intelligence Driven

We use inform­a­tion and data to improve our under­stand­ing of our city and its chal­lenges.

People Focused

We put people at the heart of our work, sup­port­ing and empower­ing our cit­izens.

Smart Leadership

We share our know­ledge and expert­ise in Smart City lead­er­ship on a glob­al stage.

Circular Principles

We’re embed­ding cir­cu­lar eco­nomy prin­ciples with­in our work to cre­ate a more sus­tain­able city.

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Awarded Smart City of the Year 2015



Largest UK smart city-wide, low carbon energy system plans unveiled

Low car­bon, smart energy scheme in Peter­bor­ough aims to deliv­er a sig­ni­fic­ant drop in CO2 emis­sions by 2030, while cut­ting energy bills by up to a quarter. Scheme could be rolled out to oth­er UK towns and cit­ies to help UK achieve its Net Zero ambi­tions Pro­ject is…

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