IKEA, the Nation­al Insti­tute for Agri­cul­tur­al Bot­any (NIAB), and innov­at­ive start-up Agri-Grub, will be shar­ing how sus­tain­ab­il­ity could help SMEs save money, boost pro­ductiv­ity and become more resi­li­ent after COVID19 at a free webin­ar organ­ised by Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough in Octo­ber.

The event will help SMEs get more value from their resources, and even find new uses for waste streams through the con­cept of cir­cu­lar eco­nomy. The cir­cu­lar eco­nomy aims to move soci­ety away from the ‘take-make-dis­pose’ mod­el — where raw mater­i­als are col­lec­ted, trans­formed into products, and dis­carded as waste — into one where resources are used for as long as pos­sible and pro­duct­ive uses are found for waste streams.

This event is being run by the Cir­cu­lar Peter­bor­ough team at Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough which runs the city’s cir­cu­lar eco­nomy pro­gram­me in part­ner­ship with Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil. The team works with busi­nesses of all sizes, but in respon­se to COVID-19 recov­ery, the work­shop will be for SMEs.

Del­eg­ates will hear from busi­nesses in the area who have bene­fit­ted from adopt­ing cir­cu­lar prin­ciples, and some of the com­mer­cial oppor­tun­it­ies for waste streams:

  • Start-up, Agri-Grub, which is turn­ing AM FRESH’s waste fruit into pro­tein and pest con­trol
  • IKEA is reusing, repur­pos­ing, and recov­er­ing mater­i­als.
  • the Nation­al Insti­tute of Agri­cul­tur­al Bot­any will also dis­cuss how plant resources could provide renew­able mater­i­als to busi­nesses across all sec­tors to reduce the use of plastic and non-bio­de­grad­able mater­i­als.

There will also be time for del­eg­ates to dis­cuss how their busi­nesses could use cir­cu­lar eco­nomy prin­ciples, and the oppor­tun­it­ies and bar­ri­ers they may face. The Cir­cu­lar Peter­bor­ough team will use the feed­back to adapt city level strategies and to tail­or long term one-to-one busi­ness sup­port for del­eg­ates.

Tom Hen­nessy, chief exec­ut­ive of Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough said, COVID-19 cre­ated huge dis­rup­tion across sup­ply chains, and has really tested busi­ness’ resi­li­ence. We want to rebuild the eco­nomy quickly, but we also want to keep this growth sus­tain­able. With the cir­cu­lar eco­nomy, we can help busi­nesses improve their oper­a­tions while also pro­tect­ing our envir­on­ment.

Any SME is wel­come to attend, wheth­er they’re new to the cir­cu­lar eco­nomy con­cept, already plan­ning to make changes, or are look­ing for extra inspir­a­tion on their cir­cu­lar jour­ney.”

The webin­ar will run 10.30am-12.00pm online on 14 Octo­ber 2020. Del­eg­ates will receive a link dir­ectly. For event and regis­tra­tion details vis­it: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/going-circular-how-sustainability-can-boost-business-growth-after-covid19-tickets-121711017931