Discover Peterborough’s Smart City credentials at the 2019 Smart City Summit & Expo in Taipei

Discover Peterborough’s Smart City credentials at the 2019 Smart City Summit & Expo in Taipei

As one of the UK’s top Smart Cit­ies, we’re delighted to be part of the UK government’s stand at the 2019 Smart City Sum­mit and Expo in Taipei this week (26 – 29 March 2019).

Peter­bor­ough is among the UK’s top 5 fast­est grow­ing cit­ies and we’re a hot­bed of innov­a­tion with one of the highest busi­ness start-up rates in the coun­try.

Our Future Peter­bor­ough team is ded­ic­ated to mak­ing sure our city works as effi­ciently as pos­sible for busi­nesses and res­id­ents. The Smart City Lead­er­ship Pro­gram­me and Cir­cu­lar Eco­nomy ini­ti­at­ives are inter­na­tion­ally respec­ted for how they’ve improved Peterborough’s eco­nom­ic resi­li­ence and sus­tain­ab­il­ity. We want to share what we’ve learnt with oth­er cit­ies and regions around the world to develop more best prac­tice examples and sup­port more cit­ies on their smart city and cir­cu­lar eco­nomy jour­neys.

Peterborough’s impact:

  • Deliv­ers a DFID-fun­ded Smart City Lead­er­ship Pro­gram­me for the Indi­an city of Amara­vati and for the state of Mad­hya Pra­desh
  • Played a lead role in the devel­op­ment of Brit­ish Stand­ards Institute’s (BSI) suite of Smart City Stand­ards
  • Chair of the BSI’s Smart and Sus­tain­able Cit­ies Com­mit­tee (SDS/2)
  • A founder mem­ber of the Cit­ies Stand­ards Insti­tute
  • Attends the All Party Par­lia­ment­ary Group on Smart Cit­ies
  • A mem­ber of the Ellen MacAr­thur Foundation’s Cir­cu­lar Cit­ies Net­work
  • The team has presen­ted at over 50 inter­na­tion­al con­fer­ences and con­tin­ues to acquire loc­al, nation­al and inter­na­tion­al media cov­er­age peak­ing with the ‘World Smart City Award’ in 2015


A few of our achieve­ments:


We’d love to tell you more about doing business in Peterborough and our Smart City and circular economy programmes.
Come and find us on stand i114.


Down­loads (with Man­dar­in trans­la­tion):

Peter­bor­ough, UK – home to a thriv­ing Digit­al & Cre­at­ive Sec­tor

About the Future Peter­bor­ough pro­gram­me

Sup­port­ing Smart Cit­ies in Taiwan

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National award final for city’s sharing platform

National award final for city’s sharing platform

A nation­al award could be on the cards for a resource shar­ing plat­form that is help­ing organ­isa­tions across Peter­bor­ough make bet­ter use of resources and reduce waste.

Share Peter­bor­ough, which was launched last Novem­ber by the Future Peter­bor­ough pro­gram­me, is in the run­ning to win the Envir­on­ment­al Ser­vices cat­egory at the Loc­al Gov­ern­ment Chron­icle (LGC) Awards 2018.

The Future Peter­bor­ough pro­gram­me is run jointly by eco­nom­ic devel­op­ment agency Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough and Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil. Share Peter­bor­ough is part of the programme’s work to cre­ate a Cir­cu­lar Eco­nomy in the city; redu­cing reli­ance on raw mater­i­als by keep­ing resources in the eco­nomy for as long as pos­sible. Examples include list­ing old office fur­niture free of charge, reusing or repur­pos­ing old equip­ment, like mak­ing bags from old cof­fee sacks, right through to mak­ing stale bread avail­able for brew­ing beer!

The LGC Awards are the biggest cel­eb­ra­tion of excel­lence in loc­al gov­ern­ment across the sec­tor, from health and hous­ing through to busi­ness trans­form­a­tion.

Fol­low­ing a present­a­tion to a judging pan­el in Janu­ary, the team will find out if they have won on the awards night of 21 March 2018.

Steve Bow­yer, chief exec­ut­ive of Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough said, “Share Peter­bor­ough was set up with a very clear pur­pose – to help busi­nesses use their resources more effi­ciently. There’s been fant­ast­ic engage­ment from loc­al organ­isa­tions who are now using the plat­form to make sure they make the most of their skills, products and resources.”

Peterborough named one of the UK’s top Smart Cities

Peterborough named one of the UK’s top Smart Cities

Peter­bor­ough has been named as one of the UK’s top 10 lead­ing Smart Cit­ies in a report pub­lished last week (com­men­cing 23 Octo­ber).

The Future Peter­bor­ough pro­ject, run by Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough in part­ner­ship with Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil, was given spe­cial recog­ni­tion for its unique approach to sus­tain­ab­il­ity and its approach to cre­at­ing cir­cu­lar eco­nomy which aims to reduce waste and reli­ance on raw mater­i­als.

With cit­ies look­ing to become more resi­li­ent and sus­tain­able, Smart City pro­jects like Future Peter­bor­ough have been her­al­ded for play­ing a key role in over­com­ing some of the biggest chal­lenges facing the coun­try and its com­munit­ies.

Smart Cit­ies aim to integ­rate digit­al, social, eco­nom­ic and envir­on­ment­al sys­tems to improve ser­vices, effi­ciency and sus­tain­ab­il­ity. The research and rank­ing pub­lished by glob­al inform­a­tion and com­mu­nic­a­tions com­pany, Hua­wei, assessed the UK’s top 20 Smart Cit­ies’ achieve­ments in each of these areas as well as for their over­all vis­ion.

Peter­bor­ough scored highest for its Smart City strategy and also received the index’s Star Award 2017 for innov­a­tion in sus­tain­ab­il­ity. The final rank­ing for Peter­bor­ough placed it higher than Cam­bridge, which came in at tenth, and the likes of Oxford, Edin­burgh, Shef­field and Liv­er­pool.

One high­light drawn from Peterborough’s Smart City achieve­ments included the Cir­cu­lar City ini­ti­at­ive which was com­men­ded as an import­ant and unique per­spect­ive on innov­a­tion. The Cir­cu­lar City work aims to reduce waste and reli­ance on raw mater­i­als by keep­ing resources cir­cu­lat­ing with­in the eco­nomy for as long as pos­sible.

Spe­cial praise was also given to Share Peter­bor­ough, the resource shar­ing plat­form which was launched in Novem­ber 2016. Scaled-up from ori­gin­ally focus­ing on the Fengate area, Share Peter­bor­ough now has over 200 com­pan­ies registered as mem­bers so they can make bet­ter use of under­used resources across the city. Examples include leftover bread that could be used for brew­ing to provid­ing desk fans for hos­pices free of charge.

Peterborough’s Inter­net of Things (IoT) based sus­tain­able drain­age pro­gram­me was also high­lighted as one of the city’s top achieve­ments. By integ­rat­ing data from rising river levels with intern­al sys­tems at the City Coun­cil, there is a more intel­li­gent under­stand­ing of rising river levels, allow­ing for more rap­id and effect­ive inter­ven­tions to be put in place.

Steve Bow­yer, chief exec­ut­ive at Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough said, “It’s great to see Peter­bor­ough recog­nised for its efforts to cre­ate a bet­ter city for its cit­izens and busi­nesses. Our pos­i­tion in the index reflects that whil­st we look for solu­tions that might be empowered we don’t look just at digit­ally led answers: we want to cre­ate a ‘future Peter­bor­ough’ rather than a ‘futur­ist­ic’ city which is resi­li­ent and sus­tain­able, and a great place to live, work and invest.”

Cllr Peter Hiller, Cab­in­et Mem­ber for Growth, Plan­ning, Hous­ing and Eco­nom­ic Devel­op­ment at Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil said, “See­ing Peter­bor­ough retain a prom­in­ent pos­i­tion with­in the UK’s top Smart Cit­ies, fin­ish­ing higher than the likes of Cam­bridge and Oxford, is a real test­a­ment to just how much the Future Peter­bor­ough team has achieved. As the report points out, it’s vital for Smart City pro­jects to have act­ive sup­port from loc­al author­it­ies in order to achieve the best out­comes for every­one. Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil will con­tin­ue to sup­port the work of the Future Peter­bor­ough team to ensure we can enhance as many ser­vices as pos­sible.”

To read the full report, vis­it:{A81CFA81-C7A8-4E8F-A088-963C7E73F3CC}

To find out more about the Future Peter­bor­ough pro­ject, vis­it:

If each city’s Smart journey is unique, how can Smart City Standards help?

I’m often asked how smart city stand­ards can be rel­ev­ant to the com­plex real­ity of mod­ern cit­ies. It’s a legit­im­ate ques­tion and one I have asked myself many times. From exper­i­ence, I know that no two cit­ies are alike and their chal­lenges dif­fer in con­tent, con­text and scale.

Hav­ing been involved in their draft­ing I have first hand exper­i­ence that such stand­ards can sup­port cit­ies as they embark upon their own, spe­cific Smart City jour­ney. For example, BSI PAS 181, the “Smart City Frame­work”, offers a struc­tured, integ­rated approach by break­ing the jour­ney into a set of com­pon­ents so that cit­ies can find their own start points and areas of focus; com­plex­ity sim­pli­fied through bite-sized chunks! The stand­ards devel­op­ment pro­cess itself is enga­ging and inform­at­ive, draw­ing expert­ise from the worlds of aca­demia, busi­ness and, most import­antly, cit­ies them­selves. The res­ult­ant stand­ards are rel­ev­ant, access­ible and prac­tic­al as a res­ult of this wide engage­ment.

Import­antly, PAS 181 provides the con­text for and link­ages to oth­er smart city related stand­ards. For example, if data is your “bag” then PAS 182, the “Smart City Data Con­cept Mod­el” and, the recently launched PAS 183, “A Decision Frame­work for Data Shar­ing” describe new ways of con­sid­er­ing and shar­ing data. If you develop pro­jects, run ser­vices or are involved in pro­cure­ment then PAS 184 (also new to the Smart City Stand­ards cohort) offers check­lists and guides to help you develop smarter, city scale solu­tions. The Smart City Over­view doc­u­ment, PD 8100, even includes a sim­ple matur­ity mat­rix to enable cit­ies to track their Smart City pro­gress.

As already men­tioned, Peter­bor­ough has been act­ively involved in devel­op­ing and util­ising the stand­ards. For example, our Future Peter­bor­ough Frame­work uses the PAS181 approach as it’s found­a­tion and PAS183 is help­ing officers drive wider engage­ment in the import­ance and value of data as well as how Peter­bor­ough can safely and securely cap­ture, use and share it.

I cer­tainly recom­mend that you check them out and see which com­pon­ents work for you. Oh, and don’t let the term “city” put you off! The stand­ards are equally rel­ev­ant to all major urb­an areas and even small urb­an and rur­al com­munit­ies.  Take it from me, the Smart City suite of stand­ards is well worth a look.

For more inform­a­tion about the stand­ards please vis­it:

Tre­vor Gib­son,

Smart City Lead­er­ship & Devel­op­ment Man­ager

Bringing the ‘Environment’, ‘Transport’ and ‘Future City’ worlds together…

Bringing the ‘Environment’, ‘Transport’ and ‘Future City’ worlds together…

When I intro­duce myself in meet­ings, at con­fer­ences and oth­er events I often start by say­ing that I’ll offer a prize to any­one with a longer job title than mine, as the Council’s Envir­on­ment, Trans­port and Future City Man­ager I’m lucky enough to work in a diverse team full of people with dif­fer­ent back­grounds, interests and pas­sions. This is a pretty excit­ing place to be from my per­spect­ive. It means that on a day to day basis we are increas­ingly able to think bey­ond our own silos to see how we can do the one thing that drives us all — mak­ing the city a bet­ter place.

I’m reflect­ing on this after a meet­ing a couple of weeks ago with the RNIB (Roy­al Nation­al Insti­tute of Blind People). Back in August 2016 the Depart­ment for Trans­port issued a ‘Cooper­at­ive Intel­li­gent Trans­port Sys­tems’ fund­ing call, seek­ing to allow coun­cils to cap­it­al­ise on emer­ging tech­no­lo­gies and deliv­er bet­ter jour­neys. We put a bid in for some­thing pretty innov­at­ive — we wanted to cre­ate a vir­tu­al real­ity mod­el of the city centre and use an amaz­ing new app developed by the RNIB to help us under­stand how blind and par­tially sighted people nav­ig­ate our city centre — the idea is that if we under­stand this we can do two things: 1. we can see how we might plan infra­struc­ture dif­fer­ently if we under­stood how sim­ple tweaks could improve peoples exper­i­ence and 2. we could install a net­work of beacons that would ping sig­nals to Smart phones to help people nav­ig­ate their jour­ney.

 A couple of weeks ago I tried out the RNIB app for myself. It was imme­di­ately obvi­ous how much poten­tial this pro­ject has for improv­ing access­ib­il­ity in the city centre. But, it’s also sparked enthu­si­asm from oth­ers. For example, one of the team found an example of one city using beacons to ping mes­sages that allow you to walk along the road and see what it would’ve looked like 500 years ago.… Another indi­vidu­al from a loc­al digit­al com­pany has offered to get involved build­ing the vir­tu­al real­ity mod­el in their own time.

 Work­ing across the Envir­on­ment, Trans­port and Future city worlds means that ‘sparks’ like this are hap­pen­ing more and more often. It’s excit­ing!

Peterborough shares smart success on the global stage

Peterborough shares smart success on the global stage

Peter­bor­ough is being cata­pul­ted to new heights of inter­na­tion­al acclaim as its smart and sus­tain­able cre­den­tials are exhib­ited at the Smart City World Expo in Bar­celona this week (15 – 17th Novem­ber).

After win­ning the title of “World Smart City 2015”, Peter­bor­ough was invited to show­case its cit­izen-centred approach towards cre­at­ing a smart city to an inter­na­tion­al audi­ence of more than 400 city lead­ers, influ­en­cers, busi­nesses and smart tech­no­logy innov­at­ors.

Delivered by eco­nom­ic devel­op­ment com­pany, Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough, and Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil, the Peter­bor­ough DNA pro­ject was formed four years ago after the city was awar­ded £3 mil­lion by the Tech­no­logy Strategy Board, (now Innov­ate UK) to test, develop and imple­ment new and smarter ways of con­nect­ing people, places and ser­vices.

Now, as Peter­bor­ough pre­pares to hand over its title of World Smart City, Steve Bow­yer, Chief Exec­ut­ive of Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough has been invited to speak at the World Expo in Bar­celona to share the Peter­bor­ough suc­cess story with del­eg­ates from around the globe.

Steve said: “We’re really excited to be shar­ing our work with an inter­na­tion­al audi­ence that holds the same ambi­tion as Peter­bor­ough – to cre­ate smart, sus­tain­able cit­ies. Peter­bor­ough has a fant­ast­ic story to tell and events like this provide the per­fect oppor­tun­ity for us to show­case our city to pro­spect­ive investors, busi­nesses and oth­er city lead­ers.”

The Smart City Expo takes place from 15 – 17th Novem­ber in Bar­celona. Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough and Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil will be joined by a num­ber of part­ners and spon­sors at the exhib­i­tion, includ­ing: Arcus Glob­al, Brit­ish Stand­ards Insti­tute, Hon­ey­well, Blue Sky, Pin­sent Masons, MyCog­ni­tion and Folk Labs.