Learn more about our fantastic new features on Share Peterborough

Learn more about our fantastic new features on Share Peterborough

The excit­ing new things you can do on our shar­ing plat­form – Share Peter­bor­ough

Since the launch of the Share Peter­bor­ough plat­form in Decem­ber 2016, we’ve been con­tinu­ing to engage with loc­al organ­isa­tions, find­ing out how they’re using the site and under­stand­ing what they wish the site could do, that it doesn’t already. This has led to the devel­op­ment of three excit­ing addi­tion­al fea­tures on Share Peter­bor­ough:


  1. Cre­at­ing groups or net­works – you can now cre­ate groups on the site to exclus­ively share resources between mem­bers.
  2. Cap­tur­ing the impact of each trans­ac­tion – you can now see the pos­it­ive social, eco­nom­ic and envir­on­ment­al impact of each suc­cess­ful ‘share’ on the plat­form, from amount of waste diver­ted from land­fill to the num­ber of hours you’ve donated. You can also leave a com­ment or review after each trans­ac­tion.
  3. New user levels – you’ll now be able to show­case your com­mit­ment to shar­ing and cre­at­ing a more cir­cu­lar eco­nomy by being awar­ded a badge to reflect your level of activ­ity, from ‘New user’ to ‘Cir­cu­lar Hero’. 

All your ques­tions answered…


Groups & Net­works

What type of groups or net­works could I cre­ate?

You can cre­ate a group for a loc­al busi­ness net­work, a spe­cific geo­graph­ic area, an office build­ing, an industry sec­tor, your sup­ply chain, or even your organ­isa­tion (if you have lots of depart­ments!).

How do I cre­ate a group? How do I become part of a group? 

All you need to do is nav­ig­ate to the main menu, select ‘Groups’ and then ‘Cre­ate Group’.

Groups > Cre­ate Group



Then simply add a name, select a cat­egory and include a short descrip­tion. You also need to select wheth­er you’d like the group to be private or not. Cre­at­ing a private group means that oth­er users of the site won’t be able to see which organ­isa­tions are group mem­bers or apply to join, mem­bers will need to invite oth­er organ­isa­tions to join.

Cap­tur­ing Impacts

What’s in it for me… why should I fill out the impacts form? 

Once you’ve received or shared an item on the site, you will be dir­ec­ted to fill out a sim­ple form. Depend­ing on what’s been shared, you might be asked how much money/time this trans­ac­tion has saved you, the amount that has been diver­ted from land­fill or the amount of time you’ve donated. With the excep­tion of the amount of money that the site has saved your busi­ness, these impacts will then be imme­di­ately shown on your busi­ness pro­file, so that you can show­case the pos­it­ive envir­on­ment­al, social and eco­nom­ic impact your organ­isa­tion is hav­ing loc­ally.

With a click of a but­ton, you can then share this on your social media chan­nels!


I’ve already had a few suc­cess stor­ies, how can I make sure that the impacts of these are cap­tured?

To make sure that the impacts of pre­vi­ous suc­cess stor­ies show on your busi­ness pro­file, you’ll need to quickly fill out the impact forms. To do this, nav­ig­ate to the main menu and select ‘Our Impact’ and then ‘My Incom­plete Suc­cess Stor­ies’. Then simply fill out the short form(s) – we prom­ise it will only take a mat­ter of seconds!

User Levels

What do the user levels mean? 

The dif­fer­ent user levels relate to the num­ber of list­ings you’ve cre­ated on Share Peter­bor­ough and also the num­ber of suc­cess stor­ies you’ve had. The dif­fer­ent user levels equate to the fol­low­ing achieve­ments:

  1. New User – you’ve just registered on Share Peter­bor­ough #new­bie
  2. Change Maker – you’ve cre­ated 3 list­ings on the site. You’re start­ing to change how your organ­isa­tion does things, which is not only con­trib­ut­ing to improv­ing the resi­li­ence of your busi­ness, but also cre­at­ing a more sus­tain­able city! #beth­echange
  3. Super Sharer – you’re a shar­ing pro! You’ve had 5 suc­cess stor­ies on the site and you’re now see­ing the impact this is hav­ing on your busi­ness and the wider com­munity. #sharingis­car­ing
  4. Cir­cu­lar Hero — you’ve had an epic 20 suc­cess stor­ies on the site! You’re increas­ing the util­isa­tion of assets with­in your organ­isa­tion and mak­ing sure noth­ing goes to waste… a true inspir­a­tion to oth­er loc­al busi­nesses and con­trib­ut­ing to our ambi­tion of cre­at­ing a Cir­cu­lar City! #busi­ness­goals

How do I pro­gress to the next level? 

Keep up the good work! Make sure you’re reg­u­larly cre­at­ing list­ings on the site, and remem­ber to mark each suc­cess­ful trans­ac­tion on the site as ‘com­plete’. To check wheth­er you have any out­stand­ing suc­cess stor­ies, you can go to ‘My Impact’ > ‘My Incom­plete Suc­cess Stor­ies’.

Our tips:

  • Make sure the rest of your team know about Share Peter­bor­ough and how it can be used. The more people that know about it, the more oppor­tun­it­ies you’ll find to use it!
  • Check wheth­er you’re signed up to our weekly email digest. You can do this by check­ing your user set­tings. This will mean that you can find out about the latest items on Share Peter­bor­ough that match your busi­ness interests – and you’ll receive this every Fri­day after­noon straight to your inbox.
  • Set aside 20 mins to do a quick office de-clut­ter! You’ll be mak­ing more space in your office and also mak­ing it look smarter for when you have those unex­pec­ted vis­its. Wheth­er you find unused folders, print­ers or even out­dated pro­mo mater­i­al, you can put all of this on Share Peter­bor­ough. And even if you think no one will want it, remem­ber… one person’s waste, really is another person’s treas­ure!

Want to find out more about using the site and brush up your skills? We hold reg­u­lar work­shops, so please email info@sharepeterborough.com to find out when the latest one is!

If you haven’t joined Share Peter­bor­ough yet, remem­ber it’s com­pletely free to do so and only takes a minute to sign up, simply click here

National award final for city’s sharing platform

National award final for city’s sharing platform

A nation­al award could be on the cards for a resource shar­ing plat­form that is help­ing organ­isa­tions across Peter­bor­ough make bet­ter use of resources and reduce waste.

Share Peter­bor­ough, which was launched last Novem­ber by the Future Peter­bor­ough pro­gram­me, is in the run­ning to win the Envir­on­ment­al Ser­vices cat­egory at the Loc­al Gov­ern­ment Chron­icle (LGC) Awards 2018.

The Future Peter­bor­ough pro­gram­me is run jointly by eco­nom­ic devel­op­ment agency Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough and Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil. Share Peter­bor­ough is part of the programme’s work to cre­ate a Cir­cu­lar Eco­nomy in the city; redu­cing reli­ance on raw mater­i­als by keep­ing resources in the eco­nomy for as long as pos­sible. Examples include list­ing old office fur­niture free of charge, reusing or repur­pos­ing old equip­ment, like mak­ing bags from old cof­fee sacks, right through to mak­ing stale bread avail­able for brew­ing beer!

The LGC Awards are the biggest cel­eb­ra­tion of excel­lence in loc­al gov­ern­ment across the sec­tor, from health and hous­ing through to busi­ness trans­form­a­tion.

Fol­low­ing a present­a­tion to a judging pan­el in Janu­ary, the team will find out if they have won on the awards night of 21 March 2018.

Steve Bow­yer, chief exec­ut­ive of Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough said, “Share Peter­bor­ough was set up with a very clear pur­pose – to help busi­nesses use their resources more effi­ciently. There’s been fant­ast­ic engage­ment from loc­al organ­isa­tions who are now using the plat­form to make sure they make the most of their skills, products and resources.”

Can the sharing economy actually help the planet?

Can the sharing economy actually help the planet?

With the grow­ing scarcity of raw mater­i­als coupled with the increas­ing pres­sures for skills, ser­vices, hous­ing, and oth­er spaces, the shar­ing eco­nomy is increas­ingly seen as an appeal­ing solu­tion to the chal­lenges we face in cit­ies. But how sus­tain­able is the shar­ing eco­nomy? Does it ful­fil its prom­ises of improv­ing resource pro­ductiv­ity, redu­cing CO2 emis­sions and min­im­ising waste?


Most not­able shar­ing eco­nomy plat­forms include Airb­nb, Uber, TaskRab­bit and Bor­row My Doggy. The basic prin­ciple behind shar­ing eco­nomy or col­lab­or­at­ive con­sump­tion mod­els is the idea that if we can ‘share’ or ‘bor­row’ resources from each oth­er, we can increase the amount of value we receive from these resources, increas­ing resource effi­ciency and pro­ductiv­ity. 


Back in Decem­ber 2016, we launched Share Peter­bor­ough, becom­ing the first UK city to develop a B2B resource shar­ing plat­form. Allow­ing organ­isa­tions to share unused and under-util­ised resources, the online plat­form aims to ensure that we are mak­ing the most of the resources that we have in the city. This includes products and equip­ment, as well as spaces and people’s skills. Enabling an organ­isa­tion to find value in another organisation’s ‘waste’ intends to dir­ectly con­trib­ute to improv­ing resource effi­ciency and pro­ductiv­ity, whil­st min­im­ising waste in the city. 


Our exist­ing suc­cess stor­ies on the Share Peter­bor­ough plat­form sug­gest that there are real social, eco­nom­ic and envir­on­ment­al bene­fits from the shar­ing eco­nomy. Recent suc­cess stor­ies include Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil donat­ing a num­ber of unused desk fans to a loc­al hos­pice, Thorpe Hall Sue Ryder Hos­pice; a loc­al sta­tion­ery com­pany (Wal­ters Ltd) provid­ing an under-util­ised con­fer­ence room to a num­ber of busi­nesses in the city; the shar­ing of con­fer­ence exhib­i­tion equip­ment between loc­al organ­isa­tions; and Coca Cola European Part­ners offer­ing tele­phone equip­ment they no longer needed to oth­er organ­isa­tions in exchange for a small dona­tion to char­ity.


Shar­ing eco­nomy plat­forms, whereby mon­et­ary trans­ac­tions take place, are often cri­ti­cised for not being genu­inely part of the ‘shar­ing’ eco­nomy. In Peter­bor­ough, we’re work­ing hard to cre­ate a real shar­ing eth­os across the city, in which organ­isa­tions can share skills, know­ledge, spaces, products and oth­er under-util­ised assets free of charge. We’ve recently made the plat­form access­ible to schools and com­munity organ­isa­tions, ensur­ing that the bene­fits are exten­ded bey­ond the busi­nesses com­munity. We’re aim­ing to cre­ate a vibrant online shar­ing com­munity, con­nect­ing a diverse range of organ­isa­tions with each oth­er.


 So can the shar­ing eco­nomy actu­ally help the plan­et? Yes, we believe that shar­ing eco­nomy mod­els, such as Share Peter­bor­ough, put people and the plan­et at the heart of the loc­al eco­nomy. In the case of Share Peter­bor­ough, the plat­form fosters col­lab­or­a­tion between organ­isa­tions and cre­ates social value, whil­st pro­mot­ing more sus­tain­able resource use through facil­it­at­ing oppor­tun­it­ies to share, reuse and repur­pose a num­ber of dif­fer­ent assets. Through shar­ing resources, you can help care for loc­al com­munit­ies and the plan­et. To max­im­ise the pos­it­ive impacts of the Share Peter­bor­ough plat­form, we need more busi­nesses and oth­er organ­isa­tions in the city to get involved.

If you’re a loc­al Peter­bor­ough organ­isa­tion you can join the plat­form for free and start shar­ing, swap­ping and sav­ing today: https://www.sharepeterborough.com/ .


Local resource sharing platform for businesses reaches milestone registration

Local resource sharing platform for businesses reaches milestone registration

The UK’s first busi­ness to busi­ness resource shar­ing plat­form to be developed by a city, Share Peter­bor­ough, is cel­eb­rat­ing its 100th regis­tra­tion.

The eclectic mix of busi­nesses means that among­st the first 100 mem­bers are inter­na­tion­al brands like Coca-Cola European Part­ners and Skanska, loc­al busi­nesses Ser­pent­ine Green and Rawl­in­sons Soli­cit­ors, and char­it­ies like Thorpe Hall Hos­pice and Rail­world Wild­life Haven.

Developed jointly and launched in Decem­ber by Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough and Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil, Share Peter­bor­ough has received keen interest from the city’s busi­ness com­munity who can use it free of charge to share their resources that are either no longer needed or are under-util­ised.

 Bread for Brew­ing and tele­phone sys­tems are among­st the grow­ing num­ber of products, skills and places becom­ing avail­able on the new shar­ing plat­form:

  • Excess bread for brew­ing from Cross Keys Homes’ Food Cycle hub in Peter­bor­ough which aims to use food waste to com­bat food pover­ty. Tak­ing inspir­a­tion from oth­er cit­ies facing sim­il­ar chal­lenges, like Glas­gow, the organ­isa­tion is look­ing for a micro-brew­ery to use the sur­plus bread to brew beer.
  • A com­plete tele­phone sys­tem includ­ing phones, head­sets and com­puter screens, lis­ted by Coca-Cola, avail­able in return for a dona­tion to their chosen char­ity.
  • Meet­ing spaces with­in the city. As an example, Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough took up an offer from Peter­bor­ough Region­al Col­lege to share their con­fer­ence space for the Future Peter­bor­ough team to deliv­er a free work­shop in March.

The plat­form was developed as part of the Future Peter­bor­ough pro­gram­me, run by eco­nom­ic devel­op­ment com­pany, Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough and Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil. Share Peter­bor­ough aims to help develop a cir­cu­lar eco­nomy with­in the city, by allow­ing organ­isa­tions to reduce waste, find new uses for items they no longer need and ensure the their resources are used to max­im­um capa­city.

Steve Bow­yer, Chief Exec­ut­ive at Oppor­tun­ity Peter­bor­ough said, “There are so many resources avail­able in Peter­bor­ough but, until now, the biggest chal­lenge has been how to make these resources avail­able to oth­er organ­isa­tions, rather than wasted.

Share Peter­bor­ough is really help­ing to stim­u­late col­lab­or­a­tion, sav­ing busi­nesses time and money by ensur­ing they avoid waste by max­im­iz­ing the use of all kinds of resources.”

To find out more about Share Peter­bor­ough and to register your busi­ness for free, vis­it: www.sharepeterborough.com