Weather Stations

Sup­port­ing Peter­bor­ough stu­dents with real life data

The Dis­tance pro­ject aims to bring togeth­er a series of inter­net con­nec­ted things to enhance children’s learn­ing exper­i­ence by provid­ing real life data about the envir­on­ment in which we live. For Peter­bor­ough to bene­fit from this pro­ject, fund­ing for Weather Sta­tions across the city was sought.


Peter­bor­ough DNA fun­ded and installed 25 weather sta­tions in 25 schools across the city. The data sourced from these install­a­tions is help­ing chil­dren at all levels of edu­ca­tion to bet­ter under­stand their city, the envir­on­ment and the impact of cli­mate change. The data can be used, and inter­preted across many sub­jects, from sci­ence to tech­no­logy and social beha­vi­our stud­ies.


Sup­port­ing Peter­bor­ough stu­dents with real life data to improve the classroom learn­ing exper­i­ence.

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Supporting Peterborough students with real life data to improve their classroom learning experience.