Care Zone




What is it?

Care Zone is an innov­at­ive fur­niture recyc­ling and employ­ab­il­ity skills train­ing pro­ject that is run by Kings­gate Com­munity Church in Peter­bor­ough.

Care Zone aims to:


  • Sup­port fam­il­ies in crisis to access emer­gency, good qual­ity fur­niture, cloth­ing, baby equip­ment and toys through recyc­ling donated goods from the pub­lic and give them free of charge to the fam­il­ies.
  • Raise aspir­a­tions and ambi­tions through the pro­vi­sion of employ­ab­il­ity skills train­ing and enrich­ing work place­ments for long term unem­ployed people and home­less people who are socially excluded and want to pos­it­ively move for­ward.
  • Offer mean­ing­ful volun­teer­ing oppor­tun­it­ies to loc­al people who want to make a pos­it­ive con­tri­bu­tion to their com­munity.
  • Stop unwanted fur­niture going to land­fill and reduce waste by encour­aging the com­munity to reuse essen­tial house­hold goods to help fam­il­ies in crisis.
  • Part­ner with the busi­ness com­munity to enable them to use their resources and skills to reach the most vul­ner­able in our com­munity.

Case Study: Syr­i­an Refugee Fam­il­ies Pro­ject

 Care Zone is part of a mul­ti-agency pro­ject to resettle Syr­i­an refugee fam­il­ies in the city who have been dis­placed by the civil war in Syr­ia. Care Zone are part­ner­ing with the pub­lic and loc­al busi­nesses who are donat­ing house­hold items to fur­nish the houses for the Syr­i­an fam­il­ies.

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