Solar Polar

Provid­ing a sim­ple, effect­ive and afford­able ter­race heat­ing altern­at­ive to gas and elec­tric­al devices.

In developed coun­tries we place gas heat­ers out­side bars and res­taur­ants to heat cus­tom­ers and at the same time throw hun­dreds of ton­nes of CO2 unne­ces­sar­ily into the atmo­sphere.

In devel­op­ing coun­tries, almost 50% of food grown rots before it reaches the table through lack of elec­tri­city at the farm to refri­ger­ate the crops dur­ing har­vest.



The heat­ing cre­ated by Sol­ar Polar serves two pur­poses;

1)     To elim­in­ate the massive car­bon emis­sions from cur­rent patio heat­ers

2)     To estab­lish Sol­ar Polar in a com­mer­cial pos­i­tion where the com­mer­cial­isa­tion of the  cool­ing tech­no­logy becomes pos­sible.

Sol­ar Polar Lim­ited received £20,000 in the first round of fund­ing to develop their Sol­ar Ter­race Heat­er demon­strat­or pro­ject.


Sol­ar Polar plans to use the grants to develop full-size demon­strat­or units in order to present to poten­tial buy­ers and take to mass-mar­ket.

The com­mer­cial­isa­tion of the heat­ers is the first step in the pro­cess that will gen­er­ate suf­fi­cient funds to com­mer­cial­ise the much big­ger sol­ar cool­ing mar­ket.

The com­pany is already con­trib­ut­ing to the wider Peter­bor­ough eco­nomy by arran­ging most of the parts and assem­blies loc­ally, and they plan to base them­selves with­in Peter­bor­ough once full man­u­fac­tur­ing is under­way.


On the award, Michael Reid of Solar Polar said;
The DNA funding has made it possible to create the demonstrators that overcome the commercialisation and funding hurdle above. It has also contributed to the protection of IP that allows the business to remain in competitive lead with these products.
Peterborough is full of people with a lot of good ideas and it’s wonderful that something’s being done to help them come to fruition. It’s a long and arduous task to turn an idea into a product actually on the market so this support is very welcome indeed.”