Smart Fengate

A shar­ing eco­nomy to build eco­nom­ic viab­il­ity and envir­on­ment­al sus­tain­ab­il­ity among the city’s SMEs

Many of Peterborough’s SMEs work in isol­a­tion, unaware that work­ing col­lab­or­at­ively will sup­port eco­nom­ic viab­il­ity and envir­on­ment­al sus­tain­ab­il­ity.
The Fengate busi­ness cluster is an indus­tri­al area in the east of Peter­bor­ough which is faced with chal­lenges a whole host of sys­tems could help provide shared solu­tions for, to improve their resource effi­ciency.



An ini­tial core group of 12 busi­nesses was formed, com­pris­ing SMEs: Wal­ters, i3Me­dia, Green­wheel Cycles, PPS Print, Tee-Kay Pack­aging, Glob­al VTech, Mas­teroast and Lindum Group and lar­ger com­pan­ies: Per­kins Engines, Skanska, Viridor and Amey.

Work­ing togeth­er with Future Peter­bor­ough, a shar­ing eco­nomy plat­form — Share Peter­bor­ough — has been developed. The free to use mem­ber-only plat­form allows max­i­mi­um use of resources by facil­it­at­ing the exchange of goods and ser­vices that are under-util­ised or no longer needed; pro­mot­ing loc­al organ­isa­tions and build­ing a col­lab­or­at­ive busi­ness com­munity in the city.



The Smart Fengate pro­ject provided the inspir­a­tion for Peterborough’s Cir­cu­lar vis­ion. The Cir­cu­lar Peter­bor­ough com­mit­ment, which have now been launched, out­lines our vis­ion for cre­at­ing a cir­cu­lar city.

We have over two hun­dred city organ­isa­tions act­ively engaged in activ­it­ies which sup­port a cir­cu­lar approach.
Share Peter­bor­ough, the busi­ness-to-busi­ness online shar­ing plat­form was offi­cially launched in Decem­ber 2016, and now has over 100 mem­bers.


A sharing economy to build economic viability and environmental sustainability among the city’s SMEs.