Smart City Leadership Programme

Shap­ing Smart City Lead­ers

Cit­ies play a vital role in address­ing the increas­ingly com­plex array of chal­lenges that soci­ety now faces, from eco­nom­ic prosper­ity to resource stew­ard­ship. Chan­ging society’s habits and beha­viours, design­ing and man­aging ser­vices in new and dif­fer­ent ways, as well as respond­ing to and exploit­ing the poten­tial that mod­ern tech­no­lo­gies offer, are all char­ac­ter­ist­ics of future suc­cess­ful cit­ies. The task of city lead­ers to steer and shape their city’s des­tiny has nev­er been so cru­cial.



To address this, Peter­bor­ough DNA joined forces with the Brit­ish Stand­ards Insti­tute (BSI) and Urb­anD­NA to develop and deliv­er the unique Smart City Lead­er­ship Pro­gram­me in Peter­bor­ough.  The Pro­gram­me has been designed to ensure that the essen­tial com­pon­ent of Smart City lead­er­ship is under­stood and recog­nised as a neces­sary part of a city’s com­mit­ment to real­ise its smart ambi­tions.

The Smart City Lead­er­ship Pro­gram­me is just one aspect of the close work­ing rela­tion­ship Peter­bor­ough has developed with the BSI, hav­ing been involved in the pro­duc­tion of the BSI port­fo­lio of Smart City Stand­ards — includ­ing PAS 181, The Smart City Frame­work. Peter­bor­ough also hosts the Chair of BSI’s SDS/2 Com­mit­tee on Smart and Sus­tain­able Cit­ies and is a founder mem­ber of the City Stand­ards Insti­tute. We con­tin­ue to be involved in help­ing to inform and shape nation­al and inter­na­tion­al think­ing on smart cit­ies.



The ini­tial pro­gram­me out­puts formed the basis of the Future Peter­bor­ough Frame­work being delivered here in Peter­bor­ough. In addi­tion, interest from the For­eign and Com­mon­wealth Office has led to the deliv­ery of a revised ver­sion of the Smart Cit­ies Pro­gram­me in a num­ber of Indi­an cit­ies.