An inter­act­ive screen to engage Peter­bor­ough cit­izens

Digit­al tech­no­logy and the grow­ing digit­al cul­ture has changed the way people access inform­a­tion. Peter­bor­ough cit­izens, along with res­id­ents in towns and cit­ies through­out Europe, often feel pass­ive in the com­munity and don’t know how to get involved.

An inter­act­ive screen in the city centre to share inform­a­tion about Peter­bor­ough was an obvi­ous solu­tion but, with a pleth­ora of data avail­able, what did our cit­izens want from the screen?



The ‘chal­lenge’ was pos­ted online to our com­munity through the Brain­wave Innov­a­tion portal. A team of digit­al experts from Peter­bor­ough-based comparethemarket.com offered to develop a col­lab­or­at­ive ‘Hack­a­thon’ to design the con­tent for the screen.

A wide range of Peter­bor­ough cit­izens were con­sul­ted and the most pop­ular fea­tures have been developed includ­ing: Cit­izen Vote, Treas­ure Hunts, What’s On Cal­en­dar, Feed­back and Selfies. The next phase will con­sist of a Juke Box play­ing music cre­ated by loc­al people.



A group of digit­al experts formed ‘Open City’, a com­munity of tech­no­logy savvy experts in Peter­bor­ough who volun­teered their time and expert­ise to the devel­op­ment of the inter­act­ive screen.
The first Hack­a­thon, held in Peter­bor­ough Cathedral’s pre­cincts, saw over 20 people give up 25 hours each, equat­ing to over £25k in volun­teer time, in the devel­op­ment of the new inter­act­ive screen.


The screen is currently being created. It is hoped that the expertise of Open City can be used to help solve more city challenges in the future, inspiring citizens to be more involved in their city.