A plat­form to train music artists, pro­du­cers, dan­cers…

iDream® is a plat­form aim­ing to train music artists, pro­du­cers, dan­cers and any­one pur­su­ing such careers by using key part­ners to edu­cate, develop and chan­nel tal­ent on a pro­fes­sion­al level to the industry.

In light of the large num­ber of great pro­jects that entered the first round of fund­ing applic­a­tions, an addi­tion­al award of £5,000 to iDream to pilot iDream Academy, which will run a series of work­shops in Peter­bor­ough schools to give young tal­ents the oppor­tun­ity to develop their skills and enable them to con­nect to key pro­fes­sion­als in the industry.


Skills: Peter­bor­ough has a skills gap between loc­al tal­ent and the cre­at­ive mar­ket place. This was demon­strated by the Chal­lenge put on Brain­wave Innov­a­tion Portal: “How can we help our artists con­trib­ute to the city’s eco­nom­ic suc­cess?”



iDream Academy — After School Work­shops that will con­sist of the deliv­ery of dance work­shops in the schools of Peter­bor­ough, and gradu­ally expand­ing to the rest of the region and even­tu­ally into more regions.


iDream plans to use the grant to develop the pilot iDream Academy. In devel­op­ing the future cre­at­ive artists of the city, it will enable new com­pan­ies to develop and so sup­port enter­prise with­in the city — another major chal­lenge for Peter­bor­ough.