Devel­op­ing a low-energy light­ing sys­tem

Heat­light aims to develop a low-energy light­ing sys­tem that util­ises heat pro­duced from radi­at­ors to pro­duce an altern­at­ive light source.

Heat­light received £5,000 in the first round of fund­ing to develop their pro­to­type. It uses heat from heat­ing radi­at­ors to pro­duce light that will switch on when someone walks close to the pro­duct and is inde­pend­ent of mains and bat­tery elec­tri­city. Heat­light will also give most of the heat back and rep­res­ents a large sav­ing in car­bon emis­sions and run­ning costs.


Heatlight’s object­ive is to con­trib­ute towards the NHS’s tar­gets for car­bon reduc­tion set out in the Cli­mate Act (2008). By dra­mat­ic­ally cut­ting car­bon emis­sions. Heat­light aims to help the NHS become a lead­ing organ­isa­tion in sus­tain­ab­il­ity and low car­bon pro­duc­tion.



There are approx­im­ately 4,000 kilo­metres of hos­pit­al cor­ridors in the UK and are usu­ally per­man­ently lit by fluor­es­cent light­ing.

Heat­light set out to cre­ate an innov­at­ive cor­ridor light­ing source from the radi­at­ors already sup­ply­ing cor­ridor heat­ing, as an altern­at­ive light­ing source pre­dom­in­ately for use in the colder months when it gets dark­er earli­er and heat­ing is needed more.



Heat­light plans to use the grant to develop and demon­strate the pro­to­type with three object­ives:

  1. To prove to buy­ers that the tech­no­logy is effect­ive and accept­able aes­thet­ic­ally
  2. To do a pre-pro­duc­tion optim­isa­tion of the tech­no­logy
  3. To prove to poten­tial investors in the com­mer­cial­isa­tion of the pro­duct.


The applic­a­tion pro­cess for the Innov­a­tion Chal­lenge Fund was refresh­ingly straight for­ward. Being gran­ted the fund­ing has been invalu­able for the devel­op­ment of our Heat­light pro­duct”.

Robert John­son