Nur­tur­ing city tal­ent whil­st re-invest­ing skills back into the city

How do you nur­ture and retain home-grown tal­ent and secure new skills to invest back into Peter­bor­ough? This is a con­stant chal­lenge for the largest city in the UK without a ded­ic­ated uni­ver­sity and requires dif­fer­ent ways of think­ing to sup­port ambi­tious indi­vidu­als.



A new pro­gram­me was developed and fund­ing alloc­ated for four Peter­bor­ough indi­vidu­als to study an MSc in Sus­tain­ab­il­ity. This cre­ated a unique oppor­tun­ity for loc­al people to enhance their know­ledge whil­st also re-invest­ing their new skills back into Peter­bor­ough to drive our Smart City approaches.



Nilam Patel and Jen­nie Orrell were the first Peter­bor­ough DNA bursary scheme bene­fi­ciar­ies. Both are now work­ing in loc­al Peter­bor­ough organ­isa­tions using the know­ledge and expert­ise gained through their stud­ies to tackle city and busi­ness sus­tain­ab­il­ity chal­lenges. Clare Foster and Robin Eagle were the most recent recip­i­ents of the bursary scheme.


The Peterborough DNA opportunity has been invaluable for me. I’ve learnt so much, widened my horizons, and built an incredible UK-wide specialist network. Now I’m bringing all that back to the city and helping local businesses work smarter.”

Nilam Patel
MSc Bursary Scheme par­ti­cipant