Furniture Recycling

Care Zone




What is it?

Care Zone is an innov­at­ive fur­niture recyc­ling and employ­ab­il­ity skills train­ing pro­ject that is run by Kings­gate Com­munity Church in Peter­bor­ough.

Fur­niture Recyc­ling Pro­ject


  • Fam­il­ies need­ing Care Zone’s sup­port are referred by loc­al stat­utory and com­munity agen­cies who identi­fy that the fam­ily is facing excep­tion­al pres­sure and needs some prac­tic­al help. Typ­ic­ally the fam­il­ies being helped by Care Zone’s fur­niture recyc­ling pro­ject are home­less or in home­less hos­tels, stay­ing with friends or are sur­viv­ors of domest­ic viol­ence.
  • Last year more than 2000 people from a very diverse range of eth­nic and faith back­grounds received emer­gency, prac­tic­al sup­port from Care Zone and recycled fur­niture was provided for 700 prop­er­ties. 

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