Global Air Dynamics

Devel­op­ing a com­pact, cost effect­ive ver­tic­al axis wind tur­bine

Energy: Glob­al Air Dynam­ics intend to make a con­tri­bu­tion to the UK’s stated cli­mate change tar­get to reduce green­house house gases emis­sion by 34% by 2020 by address­ing and exploit­ing renew­able energy gen­er­a­tion.



Devel­op­ing a com­pact, effi­cient, visu­ally accept­able wind tur­bine that can be used in the domest­ic and com­mer­cial envir­on­ments but will also be scal­able and cap­able of being incor­por­ated into lar­ger struc­tures for use in wind farms.

Glob­al Air Dynam­ics Ltd received £50,000 from the Test Bed fund to help develop new wind tur­bine tech­no­logy.



Glob­al Air Dynam­ics is using the grant to develop and demon­strate the pro­to­type for use in-house to test the effi­ciency of the tur­bine and gen­er­ally col­lect data on the mech­an­ic­al and elec­tric­al aspects of the tur­bine.

The addi­tion­al data and inform­a­tion gained from the Test-bed­ding will allow the devel­op­ment of the pro­duct that will be bet­ter suited for the tar­geted mar­kets and enable bring­ing  the pro­duct to mar­ket con­sid­er­ably earli­er thereby improv­ing the chances of suc­cess.