Share Peterborough

The resource shar­ing plat­form for organ­isa­tions in Peter­bor­ough.

Share Peter­bor­ough is an online, resource shar­ing plat­form for busi­nesses and oth­er organ­isa­tions in Peter­bor­ough. Wheth­er you have a meet­ing room to spare, or you need some office chairs; as a mem­ber you can use this site to share equip­ment, skills, spaces and ser­vices.

The plat­form also allows you to offer exclus­ive pro­mo­tions to oth­er mem­bers, and share your loc­al news stor­ies and events.

Share Peter­bor­ough makes it easy and con­veni­ent to find a new home for resources that you no longer need, and to find those resources that your busi­ness needs.

Sound good? The online plat­form is com­pletely free to join and use, and it only takes a few minutes to register!


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