If each city’s Smart journey is unique, how can Smart City Standards help?

by | May 30, 2017 | Smart cit­ies

I’m often asked how smart city stand­ards can be rel­ev­ant to the com­plex real­ity of mod­ern cit­ies. It’s a legit­im­ate ques­tion and one I have asked myself many times. From exper­i­ence, I know that no two cit­ies are alike and their chal­lenges dif­fer in con­tent, con­text and scale.

Hav­ing been involved in their draft­ing I have first hand exper­i­ence that such stand­ards can sup­port cit­ies as they embark upon their own, spe­cific Smart City jour­ney. For example, BSI PAS 181, the “Smart City Frame­work”, offers a struc­tured, integ­rated approach by break­ing the jour­ney into a set of com­pon­ents so that cit­ies can find their own start points and areas of focus; com­plex­ity sim­pli­fied through bite-sized chunks! The stand­ards devel­op­ment pro­cess itself is enga­ging and inform­at­ive, draw­ing expert­ise from the worlds of aca­demia, busi­ness and, most import­antly, cit­ies them­selves. The res­ult­ant stand­ards are rel­ev­ant, access­ible and prac­tic­al as a res­ult of this wide engage­ment.

Import­antly, PAS 181 provides the con­text for and link­ages to oth­er smart city related stand­ards. For example, if data is your “bag” then PAS 182, the “Smart City Data Con­cept Mod­el” and, the recently launched PAS 183, “A Decision Frame­work for Data Shar­ing” describe new ways of con­sid­er­ing and shar­ing data. If you develop pro­jects, run ser­vices or are involved in pro­cure­ment then PAS 184 (also new to the Smart City Stand­ards cohort) offers check­lists and guides to help you develop smarter, city scale solu­tions. The Smart City Over­view doc­u­ment, PD 8100, even includes a sim­ple matur­ity mat­rix to enable cit­ies to track their Smart City pro­gress.

As already men­tioned, Peter­bor­ough has been act­ively involved in devel­op­ing and util­ising the stand­ards. For example, our Future Peter­bor­ough Frame­work uses the PAS181 approach as it’s found­a­tion and PAS183 is help­ing officers drive wider engage­ment in the import­ance and value of data as well as how Peter­bor­ough can safely and securely cap­ture, use and share it.

I cer­tainly recom­mend that you check them out and see which com­pon­ents work for you. Oh, and don’t let the term “city” put you off! The stand­ards are equally rel­ev­ant to all major urb­an areas and even small urb­an and rur­al com­munit­ies.  Take it from me, the Smart City suite of stand­ards is well worth a look.

For more inform­a­tion about the stand­ards please vis­it: https://www.bsigroup.com/en-GB/smart-cities/Smart-Cities-Standards-and-Publication/

Tre­vor Gib­son,

Smart City Lead­er­ship & Devel­op­ment Man­ager